BioMêl™ Honey Lovers Gift Box

BioMêl™ Honey Lovers Gift Box
The BioMêl™ Honey Lovers Gift Box, contains a gift wrapped selection of 6 rare & beautiful bee keepers special selection honeys in 6 x 340g/1Lb (Large Jars) of: Set Welsh Apple Blossom, Golden Cidr with Comb, Wildflower Black Organic, White Linden Tsar, Rich Buckwheat & Himalayan Angelica Honeys, together with a months supply of freshly harvested BioMêl™ Organic Energy filled Raw Pollen Grains, 60g of Vitamin & Mineral rich BioMêl™ Bee Bread sourced exclusively for our customers from the Altai Mountain region of Mongolia. A loving healthful gift full of exquisite and rare surprise!!
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